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Access Insurance Marketing will open your doors to the most comprehensive insurance plans where you can receive quotes instantly and get great coverage.
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Welcome to Access Insurance Marketing

You found the place to compare different insurance packages and plans, request for online quotes and get the support you need in deciding which insurance product will benefit you most. This is Access Insurance Marketing.

We offer a wide array of choices for life, health, dental insurance and other risk management policies. Our plans can be tailored for a group or an individual. We want you to know the plans better so as to make an informed decision. We understand that signing up for an insurance plan is an investment itself. We want to protect your investment by protecting your trust in us.

Through Access Insurance Marketing, we will transparently provide you with the information about the menu of life, health and dental insurance plans we offer before you make your choices. There is no peace of mind like the kind you get from having made a confident decision that your investments are protected and insured – your life, your family and those who are important to you.

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Compare quotes before you sign up! The best place to shop for insurance is online.
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Mohsen D. Rokhy, DBA
Access Insurance Marketing
CA Department of Insurance
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